Tuesday, September 23, 2008


One night, while back home in Kellogg over the last three and a half weeks, I happened upon one of my all time favorite movies: Apollo 13.

Tonight, as I reenter my blog, I find myself thinking about the climax of "Apollo 13": would the Odyssey enter the Earth's atmosphere too steeply and burn up or might it enter at too shallow an angle and bounce back, irretrievably, into space?

I'm straining this metaphor, I know, but it's fun.

I find myself wondering how reentering the world of my blog will go. Will I reenter too steeply and burn up or might I come back shallow and bounce into the eerie darkness of the blogosphere, lost forever?

I'm hoping I come back in at the correct angle. I look forward to getting caught up on sibling assignments. I'm three or four behind. I want to write about the outing my sisters and I had at Green Bluff and confess my love for the movie, "Mama Mia".

I look forward to writing about reunions I experienced in North Idaho. I have a lot on my mind about Pink Floyd. I listened to the final day of the Ryder Cup match on XM Satellite Radio as I drove back to Eugene and it will be fun to reflect on the success of the USA and to try to explain why I love listening to golf tournaments and matches on the radio. It will be fun to get back to those daily Three Beautiful Things, too.

And there'll be more.

There. I feel oriented. I've posted again.

I think I can navigate this blog back into action and splash down just fine.


Desert Diva said...

Welcome home - I've been watching the radar (OK, the Google feed) in cyberspace for your return. ;-) I'm glad you had a good trip!

MarmiteToasty said...

Ive been sitting on the Moon awaiting your return :)

ya know me cyber world nic is marmitetoasty, well me other nic has always been ButtonMoon :).... see, I really have been on the moon waiting for you.....

welcome back, sounds like your trip was great....


Inland Empire Girl said...

I had a wise writer back in June give this advice. "Just let 'er rip."

Silver Valley Girl said...

I look forward to hearing about your trip, and how it went from your perspective. I'm sure there will be no problems in Houston.

JBelle said...

whoa! whoa! whoa! hold the freaking phone! could I get a confirm on the OSU/USC score?!


Hope said...

Welcome home. Missed you.