Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/29/11: Pictures, Flickr, Garage

1.  I spent another day organizing and posting pictures from my trip to Ashland and my drive on the Umpqua Rogue National Scenic Byway.

2.  I also created a new set of pictures of Olivia over at Flickr, here, and one of people holding hands, here.

3.  I made major progress on the get the garage cleaned project.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/28/11: Photos, Coming West, Dinner

1.  I'm not quite done yet, but I sorted out hundreds of the pictures I took on my weekend to Ashland.  It's been a lot of fun looking them over and making Facebook albums.   Flickr sets are still to come. 

2.  Bill and Samantha's plans to come out west are solidifying.

3.  It was fun to make a simple pork chop dinner with green beans and bacon for Deke, Molly, and Olivia tonight.  We also had some macaroni and cheese that had been prepared at Market of Choice.  It rounded out the meal pretty nicely.

Three Beautiful Things 06/27/11: Learn to Say Goodbye, Prospect Lunch, Reliable Beauty

1.  Bill, Diane, and I stretched out the morning as long as we could over bagels and caffeine and conversation and while getting the Ashland House picked up, swept up, and wiped up, but the inevitable march of time did make the inevitability of 11 a.m. inevitably arrive, and we had to bid one another so long, with the hope that we might have another get together later this summer, some where, some time.

2.  I left the Rogue-Umpqua National Scenic Byway and popped into the Prospect Cafe (and Trophy Room) for a thick juicy hamburger and fries.  I took some Prospect photos, too.

3.  I went on a photo walk at the Rogue River Natural Bridge (where I experimented without much success with slower shutter speeds).  I stopped at Clearwater Falls, but my stay was brief thanks to a storm cloud of mosquitoes.  I had to bypass Watson Falls (my favorite) because of road construction.  I had a good visit and a fun photo walk, however, at Toketee Falls.  Some photographs succeeded.  Some didn't.  The beauty of this part of Oregon, however, was, as always, perfectly reliable.

Three Beautiful Things 06/26/11: 11:00 a.m., Ashland Photo Walk, Pork Chop Dinner, Bonus: The Wild Goose

1.  11:00 a.m.  Diane at Tai Chi.  Bill and I at Ashland House.  Bacon.  Scrambled Eggs.  Peet's French Roast Coffee. Tom Petty.  A shot of VO.  A bottle of cold Mirror Pond Pale Ale.  That's about six beautiful things in one.

2.  I wandered around Ashland and Lithia Park, taking pictures, some of people holding hands, some other candids, some of things going on in the park or around the town.

3.  I decided to see if Bill and Diane might like boneless pork chops topped with lemoned apples simmered in brown sugar and butter.  I stretched the leftover mess of green beans, Yukon gold potatoes,  onion, and bacon with more bacon, some more onion, and mushrooms.  Diane tossed another green salad with Riverhouse Greek Feta with Kalamata Olives dressing. It all worked.  So did talking about "To Kill a Mockingbird" and a host of other things.

Bonus:  Gene Burnett invited Bill to sign up and play at the open mike at the Wild Goose Cafe and Bar and Bill accepted.  The scene at the Wild Goose was desultory, sad, and hard to bear; the performers at the open mike were uneven; hearing Bill play again made the evening a deep and abiding pleasure.

Three Beautiful Things 06/25/11: Light and Shadow, Phoenix and Talent, Steak and Salad

1.  The drive to Jacksonville to Ashland was pleasant, at times, pastoral, but once in Jacksonville, I soon wearied of the "historic" street scene, not that happy with the photograph opportunities, and I turned my attention to spaces between buildings or underneath staircases and other places where light and shadow were side by side and got a lot more interested in taking pictures in Jacksonville.

2.  I enjoyed the subject matter in Phoenix, OR and Talent OR more, especially the Mobil Manor sign and Talent's combo Ace Hardware and Liquor Store.

3.  Back at the Ashland House, Bill D. broiled tri-tip steaks perfectly; I fixed a mess of bacon, onion, diced Yukon potatoes, and green beans as a side to the steaks;  Diane tossed our green salad and brought it vigorously alive with Riverhouse Greek Feta with Kalamata Olives dressing. 

Three Beautiful Things 06/24/11: Lawn Care, I-5 Poppies (Will Put Him to Sleep), Back with Bill and Diane

1.  I got out and did some lawn care this morning.  It was good to get out and see how things look and start making some plans for what needs to be worked on.

2.  It was a relief to have an eventless drive from Eugene to Ashland.  Yes, I did need to pull over into a parking lot at a state park and take a little nap, but that always happens when I drive to Ashland.  It's as if the drive down I-5 takes me through the Wizard of Oz poppies.  It has been several years since I made this drive which I used to make so much more often and I enjoyed the flashbacks and reminders of the good things that have happened on this stretch of I-5 over the years. 

3.  When I arrived at the Ashland House, Bill and Diane were on their way to hear a lecture in preparation to see "The Pirates of Penzance"; when they returned, we had some time to start conversing with each other before they went to the theater.  We hadn't seen each other since last August, when I first met Diane, and we fell right into comfortable, serious, humorous, well, scintillating conversation.  It's clear:  great weekend ahead.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/23/11: Service at Brails, Driving Mr. Snug, Kids Love Billy Mac's

1.  My quiet, delicious breakfast at Brails was made all the more enjoyable, as it often is, by the service of Anna and Frankie.  If I ever filled out those Best of surveys in Eugene, I would have to vote two servers in a tie for first place:  Anna at Brails and Kathy at Billy Mac's. 

2.  Snug and I went for a ride in the car, mostly in northwest Eugene.  He relaxed and I scouted churches and other possibilities for future photo opportunities.

3.  It was a great night for the kids at Billy Mac's:  Allie, Al, and Olivia were together in the same place for the first time and enjoyed laughing, running around, and having a good time.  Luckily, the other customers had finished eating and cleared out and I don't think their energetic enjoyment of each other and restaurant's space interfered with anyone's dining pleasure.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/22/11: Molly Cooks Great Food, Holga Test Run, Agreed

1.  Molly took over the kitchen and made a delicious chicken pot pie:  a tasty and thick chicken and vegetable stew topped with homemade biscuits.  Definitely a culinary grand slam.

2.  I went back to the bike/footbridge near Hawaiian Time again to test out my Holga lens.  I enjoyed the picture taking and some of the results pleased and intrigued me.  Here are a couple:

3.  Jeff and I sat down and efficiently and calmly decided on which candidates to move to the next level of scrutiny.  I'll give their names and a brief report to the rest of the committee tomorrow and I'll be done with this task.  (I hope.)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/21/11: Almost Done, Market, Hawaiian Time Footbridge

1.  I finished reading applications.  One more step:  compare notes with JH on Wednesday and I'm done with this assignment.

2.  Russell and I went to the Tuesday Farmers' Market and shot pictures.  The picture taking was fun and so was running into Melissa, Clay, Katherine, and Kate.  I also added to my growing folder of pictures of people holding hands (or locking arms or putting arms around each other).

3.  After strolling at the market, Russell and I had lunch at Hawaiian Time and I thoroughly enjoyed the Kalua Pig Plate.  The plentiful pulled pork was tender and slightly smokey; the macaroni salad tasted splendid, as did the sticky rice.  Afterward, we shot some photographs of a nearby bicycle/footbridge. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/20/11: Looking at Pictures, Street Photos, Sticking With It

1.  I snapped a lot (for me) of pictures in Portland over the weekend and enjoyed looking at them this morning.  I can tell I have some things to learn about focus and exposure when using my new prime lens.  That's good.  Before too long, I'll post some albums and create some Flickr sets drawing upon these pictures.

2.  I think I learned from my experience in Portland that good shots are much more rare when shooting street pictures than when shooting bridges or flowers and other such things.  It makes perfect sense.  It sure makes the handful of shots that work pretty well especially pleasing.  For example, I like this one:

3.  I have to find something positive to say about the tedious task of reading a stack of job applications for minimum qualifications.  I guess that positive something would be, uh, well, hmmm --  how about this?  I stuck with it (but didn't finish).

Monday, June 20, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/19/11: Trinity Cathedral, Blue Moon, Holding Hands

1.  I went to NW Portland this morning for more photo shooting, but before I really got going with the camera, I worshiped at Trinity Cathedral.  It was Trinity Sunday, confirmation Sunday, the 160th birthday of the cathedral.  A Residentiary Canon, Nathan LeRud, was installed. Icons written over the last year were blessed. Bishop Michael Hanley preached.  I had no idea I was walking into such a big deal Sunday at Trinity Cathedral. 

2.  So that I could watch the first ten holes of the U.S. Open and see how Rory McElroy performed, I went to the Blue Moon tavern for a French dip, fries, and some Hammerhead Ale.  I enjoyed watching the golf and enjoyed surreptitiously taking pictures of a father and his two sons playing pool for Father's Day.

 3.  I camped out for a while in front of Starbucks on NW 23rd, then walked around with my camera and took street shots, mostly of people holding hands or walking arm in arm.

Three Beautiful Things 06/18/11: St. Johns Photo Shoot, St. Johns Bridge, Eric and Diane's Wedding Reception

1.  I took my new camera lens to St. Johns in Portland and sat in front of the James John Cafe and took street photos with mixed success.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I think I'm starting to learn more about this lens and what I can expect from it and how to work with it.  I got a few good dog shots, including one of this poodle service dog:

Here's the poodle's man:

2.  I had a great time shooting tons of pictures of the St. Johns Bridge.  Here's one I like:

 3.  After a morning and afternoon shooting pictures in St. Johns, I took a taxi to Diane and Eric's wedding reception, saw some of my very best friends, celebrated Diane and Eric's marriage, enjoyed superb food, and
went back to the Day's Inn, eager for the next time I see my friends again, eager for making a plan this summer to visit Diane and Eric so we can have another one of our awesome times together.

Three Beautiful Things 06/17/11: Lens, Cool Down, Elmer's Flat Iron Steak

1.  I put my new 50 mm. f/1.4 lens into action this morning and started to learn a bit about how it works with my Nikon body.  Here's one shot I took of Olivia:

2.  I checked into the N.Portland Day's Inn after it took four hours to drive from Eugene to Portland, with a lot of stand still time in the sunlight.  I don't have air conditioning and got hot, red, dehydrated, and sweaty.  Once in my room I took a most refreshing, ong, cool, reviving shower. 

3.  Jane Eischen and I met for dinner at Elmer's and picked up our many conversations right where we left off and had a great time. The food:  fantastic roasted asparagus, solid enough baked potato, plentiful salad, and a good steak, but (dare I say it?) I like the steaks I prepare at home more.  

Friday, June 17, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/16/11: Camera to Boise, Lively Meeting, No to Jethro Tull (Sigh) and Yes to Billy Mac's (Yes!)

1.  I had an airhead, space cadet day, but I managed to get my Canon a640 and accessories packed up and mailed to JB in Boise.  All I forgot to pack was a letter explaining things.  It was that kind of absent-minded day. 

2.  The Adult Education Committee met today and it was the first time I'd been in a meeting with our new assisting priest Rev. Betsy Tesi.  Listening to her in this meeting further confirmed all of the positive impressions I've had of her enthusiasm, intelligence, great sense of humor, and ability to lead.  We have a project planned for the fall around the book "Christianity for the Rest of Us" and I very much look forward to working with Betsy and Bingham to get it off the ground and moving forward.

3.  Jethro Tull played tonight at the Cuthbert.  I've never heard Jethro Tull in concert and I've loved Jethro Tull ever since hearing cuts from "Aqualung" at Father Mac's house in the winter of 1972 after sledding in western Shoshone County.  I fell deeper in love when John Soini (R.I.P.) introduced me to "Thick as a Brick" and "Livin' in the Past" and then I got more deeply hooked with "A Passion Play".

I didn't go hear Jethro Tull tonight at the Cuthbert.

Why not?

I wanted to be with friends at Billy Mac's, especially because Molly and Olivia are back in town and tonight was a Billy Mac's reunion between friends and Molly and Olivia, particularly Olivia and Allie. 

So, as far as Jethro Tull's concert, I'm left to quote "Thick as a Brick" to myself:  "Really don't mind if you sit this one out".

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/15/11: To Do List, Coffee and Poetry, Molly's Comfort

1.  It worked so well (no sarcasm) over spring break, that I decided to make a list of things I need to do now that summer break is here.  The list helps.  I knocked three or more things off of it today and I'm on the brink of knocking a few more things off tomorrow.  Just getting some lingering bills paid is a relief, as is sorting out the pile of papers and stuff on my desk.

2.  KF was one of my favorite students in ENG 106 and ENG 109.  During ENG 106, I met with her once a week and we looked at poems and talked about poetry and other things.  Now, not even twenty-one years old, she is taking off to the midwest to begin graduate studies in criminology.  Today we met at Divine Cupcake (a funny little place on West 11th) for coffee and looked at some Adrienne Rich poems and talked about a variety of things, and bid each other farewell.  She has a huge challenge ahead of her.  I hope we'll keep in touch so I'll know how she's doing.

3.  This week's food theme has been Keep Molly Fed with Comfort Food!  She's pregnant and craves comfort and spicy stuff.  Tonight I fried up a couple pieces of bacon, sweet onion, diced potatoes, ground beef, portobello mushrooms, sweet peppers, and kernels of corn and we rolled it up in a flour tortilla with avocado and tomatoes and sour cream and Frank's Original Hot Sauce as condiments.  It worked.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/14/11: Good Morning Olivia, Almost Finished, Wings

1.  First thing this morning, I snapped this picture of Olivia:

2.  I submitted my grades and got as close to ending spring term as I can.  I have two forms to fill out(I forgot to do this while at school today.  Shoot.) and search committee work left to do.

3.  Molly's needs are simple when she visits.  She wants comfort food.  Today's comfort:  Buffalo chicken wings -- although I prefer drumettes to wngs -- and I'm very happy to say that this evening's batch turned out really good.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/13/11: Olivia, Orange Beer, Pork Roast Dinner

1.  I had a lot of fun this morning taking pictures of Olivia.  Lots of pictures.

2.  I decided to take a trip in my memory and taste buds to Nosworthy's Hall of Fame and fixed myself a couple of orange beers, pouring Henry Weinhard's Lager and mixing in some Albertson's orange juice.  It was refreshing and took me back to January 15th when Ed, Bruce, Scott, Jake, and I had a big breakfast at Nosworthy's and I enjoyed a couple orange beers and hadn't had another since.  Until today. 

3.  I was going to roast a pork loin yesterday, but it turned out to be a better idea to do it today.  For over 24 hours the roast sat in a zip lock bag with olive oil and thyme and rosemary and a bit of Montreal Steak Seasoning.  The 24 hour soak paid off.  The roast was great:  flavorful and moist.  I also fixed Mrs. Cubbison's cornbread stuffing and some corn.  The Deke was at a school function so Molly and I had dinner together and it pleased us.

Our Granddaughter Olivia 06/13/11 in Eugene

Three Beautiful Things 06/12/11: Pentecost Red, Mavs Win, House of Joy

1.  It was fun being a part of the congregation dressed in red for Pentecost Sunday and, while knitting at the pulpit while she preached, Rev. Betsy Tesi nailed her sermon about the ways of God and the Holy Spirit.

2.  I listened with disbelief and joy to the radio as the Dallas Mavericks waltzed past the Miami Heat to win the NBA championship and entered a new level of bewilderment as I tried to figure out what the deal is with LaBron James.  He and Wilt Chamberlain are, for me, the two most bewildering players in my long history of watching and following the NBA.

3.  We have new and welcome joy in the house:  Molly and Olivia arrived.  Let the grandparenting begin.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/11/11: Finishing, Speechless, Relaxed

1.  An essay to grade I forgot about.  One more to come in from a student who forgot her attachment when she emailed it.   Post grades before Tuesday at midnight and I'm done with the 2010-11 school year -- aside from some search committee work I have to do.

2.  I was so happy to see PT at LCC graduation, so happy she finished, so aware of what difficulties she faced in the last six months, that I couldn't speak as we embraced.  I was starting to cry. 

3.  A cool breeze in the shade at our picnic table in the backyard, talking with the Deke, a Citron on ice, the Corgis running around:  life felt pretty good around 7 p.m. this evening.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/10/11: More Than Brails, Cemetery Outing, Pork

1.  Brails with MM, JH, and MB for a rousing hour and a half of breakfast food and know-it-all conversation about everything from Brian Ferry and Roxy Music ("More Than This") to the adolescent proclivities of Andrew Wiener. 

Want more "Lost in Translation"?  More "More Than This"?

Go here.

2.  Russell and I went on our Saturday photo walk on Friday at the Eugene Masonic Cemetery, the sky gray, our photos (mostly) black and white.

 3.  Yi Shen had a new menu item:  a combo roast pork and BBQ pork rice plate with a smattering of vegetables.  I ordered it and loved it.  Yi Shen's pork is the best I've eaten anywhere.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/09/11: Chinese Movies, Guest at Church, Billy Mac Mirth

1.  My WR 121 student from China, MD, came to my office so we could slowly and carefully go over her essay.  MD is a good thinker and structures her essays very well, and needs help with grammatical elements of English.  We finished her paper.  Then I asked her about a couple of my favorite movies from China:  "Beijing Bicycle" and "Shower".  She hasn't seen either movie, but we had a great talk about movies in the USA she enjoys and what kinds of movies, made in China, she's likely to see and which are hard to find, as independent movies, in China:  like "Beijing Bicycle" and "Shower", two, what we would call, indy movies.  I think MD and I will stay in touch.

2.  A little later I ran into FE, another student who has completed her spring term work, and we got to talking about things and we started talking about church and she invited herself to visit St. Mary's Episcopal church and I told her I'd be happy to have her join me at church and help her know when to stand, sit, kneel, and so on and I think she'll be at the 11 o'clock service on Sunday.  (I told her it's Pentecost Sunday and that it's traditional to wear red and she liked the sound of that!)

3.  Billy Mac's tonight.  Wow!  Stories about when some of us were in musicals in high school or played in high school band.  Anne sang her Hobbit solo, Lynn sang her oboe solo, and I tried (and failed) to sing my two line solo from "Brigadoon" (as Stuart Dalrymple).  Later, Russell and I moved indoors and watched the last quarter or so of the riveting fifth game of the Mavs/Heat series.  We were astonished by the bloodless daggers Jason Terry and Jason Kidd scored from beyond the 3 point arc and continue to be astonished by Dirk's play -- we were also wondering what the hell's going on with LaBron James.  Has any player in the NBA ever had a triple double that had a smaller impact than LaBron's did tonight?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/08/11: World Lit Papers, Search Committee Work, Movies

1.  Having read several strong final essays from my World Lit course, I'm feeling more and more secure that my students had a good experience thinking about and feeling the impact of the stories and poems as well as the ideas explored by writers and filmmakers from around the world in the 20th and 21st centuries.

2.  I'm on a search committee in our department.  We are looking to fill a two-year, temporary, full-time position.  (I held such a position at Whitworth from 1982-84.)  Search committee work at LCC is tedious, byzantine, and tiring:  and we haven't even seen applications yet.  But, our committee is so talented, so fun, so smart, so devoted to doing the job right that the pleasure of working with my fellow faculty relieves me of much of the tedium.  Thank goodness.

3.  MM dropped by after the search committee meeting and we had a really good talk about movies.  I realized that since I started taking more pictures and started organizing them and posting them that I don't watch as many movies.  It's not a bad trade off, but when this school year is over, I've got to watch more movies and MM's enjoyment of "Somewhere" made me think that it's a movie I've got to see.  Likewise, his enthusiasm for the HBO series "Treme" has me inspired to see it.  I've also got to see "Walk on Water", another Israeli movie and one that MM has mentioned several times.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/07/11: Beijing Bicycle, Yakisoba Bliss, Wrap It, Bonus! Dirk

1.  World Lit. students who wanted to see another international movie made in the 21st century came to CEN 009 and we watched "Beijing Bicycle".  It's a beautifully filmed movie, sometimes tender, other times violent, of life in Beijing at the turn of the century.  The bicycle becomes of metaphor for China's move toward capitalism, for its emergence as a first world country, for the migration of workers out of the country into the city.  By turns it inspires admiration and revulsion.

2.  Burger Lovers on West 7th is a combination of two former Eugene eateries:  Jamie's Hamburgers and the Korean restaurant at Payless/Rite Aid.  I stopped in today for some Chicken Yakisoba, brought it home, and experienced Yakisoba bliss. 

3.  I've had the electric frying pan back in action more over the last week or so and tonight I sauteed sweet onions, fried diced potatoes, sauteed red peppers and portabella mushrooms, and fried a pound of ground beef and the Deke and I enjoyed this mixture wrapped in a flour tortilla, mine with melted cheese, hers not; mine with Frank's Hot Sauce, hers with salsa.  We were well satisfied with dinner.

Bonus:  Dirk.  I wish I'd seen his performance with a triple digit fever on television, but listening to the Mav's radio broadcast and post-game comments on FB by Rick Wainright gave me a pretty good sense of Dirk's mental toughness and admirable play in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/06/11: Pencil Surprise, Ground Beef Surprise, Scrambled Egg Surprise

1.  As I left the cafeteria, a student about three feet behind me said to her friend, "Do you have an extra pencil?"  I replied, "I do", and pulled a pencil out of my jacket pocket and handed it to her.  "I can have this?" she said.  "Sure."  "Thank you!"

2.  For lunch I got out the George Foreman grill and fried up patties made of ground beef, egg, garlic, Worst. sauce, grated cheese, and Franks's Original Hot Sauce.  Superb.

3.  For dinner, I got out the electric fry pan and sauteed zucchini and diced potatoes.  When they were tender, I cracked three eggs over the zucchini and spuds, let the eggs cook, and when they were done, I topped the scramble with sour cream and more Franks's Hot Sauce.  It was a great dinner.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/05/11: Gratitude, Nap, Perfect Dinner

1.  After the great week I spent in Orofino, having conferences with students, spending time with friends at Billy Mac's, rehearsing and narrating the Shakespeare Showcase, and so on, I was dead tired today.  Still, I went to church and was glad I did.  Out of nowhere, tears started running from my eyes.  I was simply happy to be in a pew at St. Mary's Episcopal Church and happy to have been worshiping there for so many years. 

2.  Exhaustion led to an inevitable nap in the afternoon.  It provided some respite. 

3.  I got going a little after my nap and remembered those tri tip steaks in the fridge.  I seasoned them up a bit while potatoes baked in the oven and I sauteed some onion and fried some corn and sizzled the steak for Deke and me.  It was a perfect dinner.  So simple and so delicious.  So juicy and so tasty.

A Week of Beautiful Things 05/28-06/04/11: Celebrations in Orofino, Great Movies at School, Conferences, Picnic, Shakespeare Showcase

The last seven or eight days have been packed with variety, fun, work, theater, good friends, family, and, at the end of it, exhaustion.  Here are some highlights:

1.  On Saturday, May 28th, I drove 500 miles to Orofino and on the 30th I drove 500 miles back and thoroughly enjoyed the eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Clearwater River, Idaho landscapes.  I wish I could have traveled slower so that I could have taken pictures, and I hope I will return to Highways 730 and 12 again when I can go at a leisurely pace, get out of the car a lot, and really enjoy this drive.

2.  Two celebrations in Orofino:  on Saturday, Jack and Judy's 50th wedding anniversary was a surprise hamburger party at Lura and Lyles's and on Sunday, we had an open house at the Clearwater Historical Museum to celebrate Auntie Lila's 90th birthday.

3.  More grilling!  After the open house, Lura and Lyle grilled hot dogs at their house and we all got to tell more tall tales and get in some more laughs.

4.  I had to leave Orofino on Monday, but not until some coffee at Auntie Lila's with Lila, Mom, Christy, Everett, and Judy and more coffee at Lura and Lyle's and then more coffee and breakfast (with Christy and Everett) at the Clearwater Casino, a.k.a. The Monte Carlo on the Clearwater.

5,  Before coffee at Lura and Lyle's, Christy, Everett, and I visited the Orofino cemetery where scores of flags flew in honor of  Memorial Day.

6.  Two great movies in World Lit..  Both moved me to tears:  "The Band's Visit" and "The Syrian Bride".  These are intriguing and complicated movies made in Israel.

7.  My work week was dominated by individual conferences with my WR 121 students, going over their final essays exploring the question of reconciliation.

8.  Friday evening, Jeff hosted an end of the year picnic for English students and faculty.  I got there late, but enjoyed the time I got to spend with those still around.  I was late because

9.  Friday we had dress rehearsal for over six hours for the term's end Shakespeare Showcase.  The rehearsal really paid off:  the two performances of the Showcase on Saturday were splendid.