Thursday, February 20, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 02/19/20: Walking Sunnyside, Kathy's Travels, Victory at Riverbank

1. I could see clearly that it was a bright, bright sunshiny day and so I got out and walked a ways. I went to the ATM down the street to secure cash to pay for a beer and dinner at the Riverbank tonight at Northern Quest and for whatever I decide to drink before, during, and/or after the Elks Crab Feed Saturday night. Then I walked around Sunnyside a bit, trying to remember who used to live in certain houses -- I couldn't remember too much -- and was grateful that the dogs who barked at me were all contained behind fences.

2. I wasn't at the Riverbank very long when Mary and Kathy arrived and so did two new trivia team members, Joan (who, like Mary, writes fiction set in the Regency era) and Chris, Mary's brother Rob's wife. (Rob Chase. KHS '72. 1971-72 Student Body President.)  Soon, our occasional teammate, Dan, joined us.

As we all settled in at our table, I enjoyed Kathy telling me about her son's majestic wedding in San Diego and what a good time she had at the wedding, the reception that followed, and hanging out in the city. She also told me more about the fun she had attending the premier of the movie, Foosballers, and how much she enjoyed sharing the stage afterward with her daughter, Kelsey Cook, to field questions from the audience about foosball and the movie.

3. It turned out that our team was formidable. Joan and Chris both had a lot of knowledge about a lot of things, including pop culture; Dan made solid contributions regarding geography and other subjects;  Mary, Kathy, and I chipped in with some significant knowledge, too.

And we won the night!

We won going away!

We won fifty dollars for our victory!

We also won 15 dollars as the winners of round 6 (I think).

We tied as the victors in at least one other round, but didn't win the tiebreaker, which is essentially a kind of coin flip.

I don't know how often we'll be able to assemble this particular combination of players, but, tonight, this combination was really strong.

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