Friday, February 28, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 02/27/20: Dinner Plans, Zags Rout the Junior Varsity, Ducks Drub the Beavs

1. I volunteered to host family dinner for the second straight week this Sunday and I worked out a menu today and, in order to serve what's in it, I will make a trip on Friday to Total Wine in the Spokane Valley and to one or two grocery stores in CdA.

2. I enjoyed going over to Christy and Everett's to watch the Zags play, but the game was not very interesting. Gonzaga routed the Wardner Junior Varsity, also known as the University of San Diego, 94-59. Not much that happened in this game stuck with me. Everett retired to bed during the game and Christy and I talked about things more than we focused on the Zags' romp.

3. I returned home and watched another blow out. In men's basketball, the Ducks and Beavers played for the 345th time -- they first played in the 1902-03 season. In the second half, Oregon went on a 22-4 run and Oregon State never recovered. The final score was 69-54. My primary take away from this game was not unique: the Oregon Ducks play at much higher level of excellence at home than on the road. They do everything better at home: shoot, move the ball, play defense, rebound, and work together. The Ducks close out the conference schedule with home games next weekend against the Bay Area schools. I am eager to see if Oregon will be able to translate their great play at home into similar success in the Pac 12 tournament and the NCAA national tournament.

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