Sunday, April 18, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 04/17/10: Back Yard Planning, Back Yard Photos, Crispy Crowns

I've been off my writing game for almost two weeks and for no particular reason. Part of it is my change in teaching schedule and part of it is just an indescribable need to be silent for a while. So, with these Three Beautiful Things, I will break the cone of silence, at least for now.

1. Joe came over and he and the Deke (and I, sort of -- I don't have much to say in these matters) walked the back yard, decided where sod will go, where the path to the patio will go, and got the design of things finalized. We are about 5-7 days away from a brand new front and back yard.

2. I wanted some "before" pictures of the back yard, so for our Saturday photo shoot, Russell and I took pictures of the backyard and found some fun shots in the garage.

3. Ore-Ida has a product I hadn't noticed before, until about two weeks ago, called Crispy Crowns. I'm not any good at making them crispy, but I sure enjoy them with bacon, eggs, and some big chunks of Pugilese bread.

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inlandempiregirl said...

I love Crispy Crowns! Have you tried Ore-Ida's Sweet Potato Fries. We love those also.