Saturday, November 19, 2011

Many Beautiful Things Over the Last Few Weeks

1.  David Alejandro Diaz was born to Molly and Hiram on November 2, 2011.

2.  I had a great time making Lebanese lentil soup and cheese/fruit dessert plates for over fifty people at St. Mary's Episcopal Church when Dr. Loren Crow gave a talk about his sabbatical to Israel.

3.  Ed and I had a superb time in Pendleton where I enjoyed a superb rib eye steak at Hamley's, a most scrumptious Reuben at the Prodigal Son, cold Buds at Whistlers Pub, and a couple of fine breakfasts at the Rainbow Cafe. 

4.  The beers continue to be fun and delicious at 16 Tons.  I wish I had kept a record of all the fine beers I've sampled.  It's been especially fun to have the Deke join me at 16 Tons.  She enjoys a glass of wine and I try another new kind of beer.  In addition, I've begun to join her from time to time at her "office" at the Cornucopia.

5.  Carolyn and I had a great time as co-teachers at church, leading different groups in discussions of beauty.  

I'll leave it at that.  I just wanted to get back into action and get back to posting Three Beautful Things with the hope that I don't let how busy I've been stop me any longer.

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