Monday, July 16, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 07/16/07: F-Bombing at Otis's, Acer Odyssey, Heaven's Gate

1. Otis guest blogged at Mommie Dearest's blog about babies crying in movie theaters. I wrote an f-bomb laced rant about the parents who bring crying babies to church, movies, poetry readings, and other places that babies hate. Mommie Dearest read my comment and laughed to tears. Knowing that made my day.

2. My laptop needs to go to Simi Valley for repairs. Today the delivery man arrived so my laptop can begin its Odyssey. I wished it well. I really hope everything turns out all right.

3. I'm sitting on Silver Valley Girl's back deck in the cool shadow of the Silver Valley feeling a fresh breeze blowing through the Bitterroots watching Snug run and prance and rest and explore. I'm cooled off. I love my dog. I'm having a time of solitude. My sister's backyard is spacious and beautiful. I'm bloggin in Kellogg. Need I say more?


Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

I was wondering what an f-bomb was. Now I know. There are some things a lady shouldn't know.

Maybe that's why your laptop quit running. It's a lady.

Mommy Dearest said...

If I can make just one person's day that's good enough to make my day. Have a good one :)

Katrina said...

Here's hoping your laptop has a swift recovery. I, who have for years openly scorned electronic gadgets and those who are attached to them by umbilical cords of digital dependency, would cry like a baby if my laptop (Lappy, I call it) and I were to be parted.

Your sister's porch sounds like a sweet and restful retreat. Enjoy!

Inland Empire Girl said...

Gee... I guess you post to Otis carried a bit more punch than mine!

Inland Empire Girl said...

I mean your post