Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 07/31/07: Monster, Steaks, The Queen

1. Frank Peretti has written the sixth draft of his screenplay adaptation of his novel, "Monster". I was invited along with Silver Valley Girl, PKR, and two others to read the script aloud so that Frank could hear what it sounds like. Frank owns a house and grounds overlooking the west Silver Valley. The house is luxurious to me. Ponds, waterfalls, decks, impeccable landscaping, elegant furniture; I rarely spend time around such luxury, so along with reading the script, the environment made for a rare experience.

2. Frank's wife Barbara barbecued steaks the size of small roasts. I don't remember ever having such a large steak for dinner before.

3. I was completely absorbed by Stephen Frears' movie, "The Queen". The story of the queen's relationship with Tony Blair and the delicate negotiations surrounding the death of Princess Diana made for superb drama and the performance of Helen Mirren was, as it always is with her, unforgettable.

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Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

I love all of Frank Peretti's books. I hope his screenplay is a great success!