Sunday, April 3, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 04/02/11: Mob at Appleby's, Gorgeous, Sweet Fatigue

1.  I like these pancake fundraisers at Appleby's.  In February, I went to one for the Springfield Lions and today I got to peer a wee bit into Deke's world:  her school held a pancake breakfast fundraiser.  I especially enjoyed the mob moment when a bunch of the Deke's students all insisted on a mob hug with her.  (I can't imagine such a moment with my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Clary, at the Sunnyside Elementary chili feed in 1963-64.)

2.  Lights!  Costumes!  Cue to cue tech rehearsal helped us all see what "The Taming of the Shrew" will look like under the lights with our costumes:  it's beautiful.

3.  At about seven o'clock, this long week of getting my classes started, getting enrollment figured out, rehearsing late into every evening, and getting home business matters figured out and nearly finished, came to an end and I crashed.  The fatigue was sweet and the rest refreshing.

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