Friday, April 29, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 04/28/11: Other, Rest, Bridges

1.  I thought our discussion of the Other helped my World Literature students dig more deeply into what Kafka inquires into in his story "The Metamorphosis".  It was a very gratifying session.

2.  I felt more rested today than I have in about a month.  Yes, a mid-afternoon nap helped.  The exhaustion has been sweet, an inevitable result of performing "The Taming of the Shrew" fourteen times (three full dress rehearsals, one preview, and ten performances) between April 4th and 23rd.  The play kept me up way past my usual bedtime, was the reason I got far behind in my work as a teacher, and required the exertion of a lot of mental energy and concentration.  And, today, alas, I really started to feel rested.  I'm getting caught up.  My students seem happy.  It's been a full month.

3.  I hadn't been able to meet with friends at Billy Mac's for over a month because of the play and it was fun to be back with them all.  I especially enjoyed Jim and Molly Bridge, friends from church, coming in for dinner.   We go to different services so I don't see them very often at church and it was a pleasure to have some time to talk about stuff, get caught up, and enjoy each other for a little while.

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