Sunday, April 17, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 04/17/11: Servers at Brails, Cookie, Praise Uplifts Me

1.  I love Sunday breakfast at Brails, sitting at the counter, watching the serving staff under Joy's vigilant eye.  It was great today.

2.  My preparation for today's matinee performance of The Taming of the Shrew was considerably sweetened by a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie purchased at the Sequential Biofuel Station market.

3.  My friends who attended today's show enjoyed it a lot, were beaming afterward, and told me they thought I did terrific work in the play.  I really appreciate being told that my work on stage is working.  I think I'm doing what I've been directed to do, but hearing my friends tell me they thought I was good is heartening, a real uplift -- especially because I get involved in these plays so rarely, I care so much about them when I do, and I want to do good work and help make the play really good.  And ours is that:  it's really good.

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