Sunday, April 10, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 04/10/11: Restful Day, Flat Iron Steaks, Tiger Makes a Move

1.  I love rehearsing and performing "The Taming of the Shrew", but it was nice to have a day off and go to Brails for some breakfast after church and to get some grocery shopping done and run into Kate and have a nice conversation that veered toward praising two of my favorite women in the movies: Catherine Keener and Hope Davis. 

2.  I bought flat iron steaks and cooked them with a crispy exterior and a medium rare interior and the Deek and I could not believe our good fortune that we were actually eating such good food.

3.  Tiger Woods in contention in a major golf tournament excites me and I listened to the Masters on the car radio as I puttered from place to place and when he hit that second shot on the eighth hole to within about twelve feet of the pin and then made the putt, a surge of excitement I hadn't felt for a while coursed through my veins.  I realize he came up short;  I realize his Saturday score hurt him; I realize he missed opportunities to score even better today.  I don't care whether Tiger's "back".  I simply enjoyed the times he played riveting golf this weekend.  It's fun when he gets it going.  (The last golfer to get me excited like this was Lee Trevino. I really loved watching him play.  In fact, I enjoyed him a lot more than I enjoy Tiger Woods.)

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