Thursday, April 4, 2019

Three Beautiful Things 03/03/19: Travels with Ed, Salmon Rice Dinner, Delayed Surgery

1. I drove out Ed's house this morning and after completing a couple of errands in Coeur d'Alene, we headed down to the Coeur d'Alene Casino. As always, the best part of the trip was yakkin' away with Ed about a bunch of stuff. The casino has recently been remodeled. There's more light, the machines are spaced apart from each other better, so it feels roomier, the ventilation is improved, and management made other improvements. There's a new small bar on the edge of the main playing area and Ed and I ended our time at Worley by having a beer at the Wolf Den bar. I withdrew a certain amount of money to fiddle around with and brought that same amount home. That's always good news. As a bonus, I got in over a mile and a half of walking, nearly 3000 steps.

2. At Pilgrim's on Tuesday, I bought a box of salmon patties. I find that frying one of these patties, crumbling it over a bed of jasmine rice, and adding a steam vegetable, like broccoli, in a bowl results in a delicious dinner. Next I want to figure out some kind of sauce or dressing to include in this bowl.

3.  Christy saw her surgeon today and he recommended delaying her knee replacement surgery, orginally scheduled for April 16th. She, with great disappointment, agreed. Infection from her November/December bout with cellulitis is still present in her system, making the surgery risky, and the doctor wants Christy to work on cleaning this up and improving her general health with physical therapy. She is looking at surgery in probably three to four months. This news hurt Christy. But, as the day progressed, she found solace in the support of her friends and family and in knowing that her doctor was honest with her, made a recommendation with her best interests in mind -- he cares about Christy --, and didn't do what a less ethical surgeon might and go ahead with the surgery.

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