Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Three Beautiful Things 04/09/19: Everett's Better, Taxes Done, Easy TV: Golf and Baseball

1.  I checked in with Christy today and she reported that Everett was having a good day. I was especially happy to hear that, all together,  his daughters will be coming soon to visit him from different parts of Eastern Washington. 

2. I sorted through papers and check receipts and got out folders and spent a few hours slowly and deliberately doing the taxes. I just have one bit of information to enter Wednesday morning and I can file and, as I expected, write a check to the state of Idaho and send it off.

3.  To help keep myself relaxed while working on taxes, I tuned in to the Golf Channel's all day coverage of the upcoming Masters golf tournament. I enjoyed listening to players interviewed in press conferences, listening to the Golf Channel experts discuss what they expect to happen in the tournament,  and I especially enjoyed half watching and listening to hour long shows focused on individual tournaments from the past.

Once I wrapped up the taxes, I was happy to see that my MLB free game of the day was a night game from San Francisco, featuring the Giants and the Padres. It wasn't an exciting game. I joined the broadcast after the Giants had jumped out to a 6-0 lead in the second inning. The Padres never threatened that lead. But, I welcomed the unhurried pace of play, the relaxed banter between the broadcasters, the sound of the crack of the bat, and the murmur of the crowd bubbling away in the background. Unlike the intense, high stakes college basketball games I've been watching, this baseball game had almost no stakes and was mellow, just what I wanted before I flopped into bed.

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