Monday, April 29, 2019

Three Beautiful Things 04/28/19: Easter Continues, Breakfast, Busy Afternoon

1. As today's Eucharist got underway at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Coeur d'Alene, I got swept up in the spirit of Easter. I had stayed home last Sunday, mostly because I didn't want to leave Charly alone. In the Anglican tradition, Easter lasts for about 50 days, until Pentecost Sunday (June 2nd this year). This year, we have seven Sundays of Easter and the Scripture lessons, hymns, prayers, and homilies will all continue to reflect upon the days and weeks immediately following the resurrection. The first reading of each service usually comes from the Old Testament, but during Eastertide, the first reading will come from the Acts of the Apostles. The third, usually from an Epistle, will come from Revelation. These seven weeks of Easter dive into the post-resurrection world and the joy of this season reaches its penultimate height late in May with the Ascension and its greatest height on Pentecost Sunday with the coming of the Holy Spirit.

This is all to say that I am still sure I did the right thing staying home with Charly, even though I was disappointed to miss Easter services. But, in the Episcopal church, Easter continues and, today, as I said, I got swept right into the spirit and joy of Easter and look forward to continuing this experience over the next several weeks.

2. After church, I can't seem to resist going to the Breakfast Nook for breakfast. I enjoy having some time to myself outside of the car to reflect upon what's happened in church. So, today, I enjoyed some meditative time at the Breakfast Nook counter over a chicken fried steak even while the servers and bussers hustled out to the floor and back, delivering meals, retrieving dishes, and working to keep the numerous customers in the cafe happy.

3. Back home, I spent time on the text machine and the phone figuring out who is going to Missoula on Monday, April 29th, to visit Goose in the hospital. We have a plan. I then retired to the Vizio room and watched the episode of Playing Shakespeare that features David Suchet and Patrick Stewart each explaining and playing his interpretation of the character Shylock. I've watched this episode three or four times before. It's fascinating to listen to the actors detail how they understand Shylock and his place in the world of Venice and so watch them bring their analyses to life in acting the role.

Just before the episode ended, I headed over to Christy and Everett's for family dinner. Christy prepared a very refreshing gin and tonic with lemon juice and cucumber and then we enjoyed salmon with a fantastic Dijon mustard-based sauce, cauliflower au gratin, and a very tasty vegetable salad. Our conversation tonight was especially wide-ranging, including discussion of everything from the history of slavery to the novel To Kill a Mockingbird to open casket funerals and more topics beyond those. What an evening! Delicious food and free flowing conversation.

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