Sunday, January 3, 2021

Three Beautiful Things 01-02-21: Texting While Writing and Watching, Blue Cheese Memories, Amos Is in the House

 1. During today's wall to wall, all day college basketball action, T2 and Byrdman and I exchanged observations and witty remarks and a few caustic ones about broadcasters we don't enjoy. Terry tuned in to Oregon's loss in the Fiesta Bowl and his updates gave me my only experience with a college football game this season (or last season, for that matter). I was doing quite a bit at once, writing my blog post, texting, keeping an eye (and ear) on basketball games -- great way to enjoy a Saturday.

2. Carol turned the bones from our Sunday prime rib and some of the leftover meat into a delicious soup and gave me enough of it that I enjoyed a bowl for dinner and have another bowl left for another time. I also used some of the blue cheese dressing she made. I simply put it on Romaine lettuce leaves. Carol followed a recipe that Bunny used at the Sunshine Inn decades ago and that has, in turn, been a part of our family for over 50-55 years. Dad tended bar at the Sunshine Inn on Friday and Saturday nights for many years. It was common in our household for Mom to fix sirloin steaks before Dad went to work on Saturday evenings and our first course was a green salad topped with Mom's version of the Sunshine Inn dressing.  I enjoyed having those Saturday dinners return to my memory tonight.

3. It was another Amos McCoy day. I had times when I could straighten my back a bit more and every once in a while I'd take a few steps without much pain. I'm hopeful that, in time, my lower back will fully relax and I'll have free movement again. 

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