Friday, July 6, 2007

Polyamorous Phone Number

Today at the HBO blog, Dave posted a picture of a woman who has Paris Hilton's old cell phone number, here, and how she's been flooded with calls and text messages, especially between 2-4 a.m. She didn't have it changed because she has found it more entertaining that the hassle would be to change it.

This reminded me of when I moved back to town in Eugene after almost two years in the country.

The new phone number I was assigned had been the number of a polyamorous group in Eugene.

The number was still listed in some publications specializing in the world of loving several partners. I put on my detective cap and figured out that the group had been in Eugene and was now in Hawaii and I secured their phone number and mailing address so I could provide it to those calling the wrong number.

The callers were grateful.

I also put on my investigator's cap and asked the callers if they had a few minutes to tell me about being polyamorous.

To a person, they were kind, open people and educated me in the ways of their sharing their love generously.

The funniest thing that happened was when this group's leader appeared on the Joan River's talk show. I found out from a caller that she/he had secured our phone number when it crawled along the TV screen during the chat between Joan and the group's leader.

It was the only call I received connected with the Joan River's show.

Not long after, the show was canceled.

Not that many people watched it.

Especially, I guess, not the polyamorous crowd.

Maybe they were busy.


Jennifer said...

Joan Rivers? You really show your age here...LOL
I can see how popular it was with the amount of calls you got! LOL
When I have someone's old number I don't get anything excited, just somebody looking for John or Sue...LOL

Student of Life said...

That's awesome! We had a lot of fun when my husband got a new cell phone number a couple of years ago. We got a ton of calls for the first two days until he finally decided to tell the people looking for drugs on the other end of the line that their dealer was in jail. "You want So-and-So? Well, sorry. He's in jail!" They were all very disappointed, but word apparently spread fast, because it only took a couple of days for the calls to stop! It was quite entertaining in the meantime! Not as entertaining as Paris Hilton or polyamorous lovin', but entertaining nonetheless!

Scott Garner said...


I'm a regular reader, but wanted to comment for the first time because of something you wrote a few posts back (although the polyamorous stuff was very "Big Love" and funny).

how have you enjoyed Life of Pi? It is one of my five favorite books of all time. I would love to read what you thought about it.

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

I have never heard of the Polyamoros group. . .not that I want to. Just funny, there are names for everything these days.

We get occasional calls for Pepsi, KPVI (a local TV station) and a Bishop for the Mormon Church on occasion. I started giving out the number for the bishop, as their prefix is different than our, but everything else is the same.