Saturday, October 4, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 10/03/08: Wonderful Students, Unexpected Attention, Pork and Chicken

1. Last night used the aid of computer projection in my WR 121 class and failed to put the mouse back on the charger. Consequently, this morning, when I presented some stuff from the computer to my World Literature class, the mouse didn't work. I was flummoxed. Members of the class patiently guided me through keyboard strokes that helped me overcome my mouse addiction. They were kind, solicitious, and eager to rescue me. My cup of gratitude runneth over.

2. I went to Mucho Gustos today and ordered a burrito and the burritoista who built my order chatted me up with rare friendliness and stopped me on my way out of the restaurant to ask me if I'd enjoyed my meal. It all caught me off guard, somehow. It warmed my day.

3. I splurged a little today and bought some meat products at Trader Joe's and look forward to fixing dinners this week so that the Deke will have supper ready when she arrives home in the evening from her exhausting new job as a fourth grade teacher.


Word Tosser said...

Nice to have you back, Ray

Kelly said...

..I wish I could have sold you those meat products.

*fellow mouse addict*