Friday, October 10, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 10/10/08: Weight Loss Comfort, Strap, Stalker

1. A student waiting for the elevator explained to the student she was with how she had lost 100 pounds and now she was cold so he took her hands in his and warmed her.

2. Kelly came to the elevator and joined me and the two aforementioned students and they spent the whole ride, from floor 1 to floor 4 talking about Kelly's backpack strap and how much they wished it was theirs. Kelly emailed me later today and thanked me for having her back!

3. It was a very serious meeting, but truth telling strengthened us all. My fellow teacher and long-time friend, MB, has been the subject of a man's obsession for over ten years and with the help of a campus safety officer and a representative from Sexual Assault Support Services, the faculty in our division learned more about what MB has been through and what to do if the perpetrator should return to campus. He's banned. In fact, if comes within five miles of her, he will have broken the dictates of the stalking order the court has issued to protect MB. I've been close to this situation and was really relieved today when more of my fellow teachers learned more about stalking in general, and this situation in particular.

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JBelle said...

I think you should be worried about stalkers. If you come to NoIDaHo and hook up with Truly and BobT, I will stalk you. And then blog about you.

Just so you are warned.