Thursday, October 9, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 10/09/08: Good to Go, Invigorating Students, Mayor's Race

1. After my annual physical examination today, Dr. Ghandour issued me as clean of a bill of health as possible, given my chronic kidney disease. I am relieved to know that the other areas of my health are in good shape.

2. I had a great time in both my WR 121 sections today as students discussed what they saw the short film "Family Tree" had to say about loss, survival, and reconciliation. Their insights triggered the coursing of adrenaline throughout my system!

3. A tight mayoral race is under way in Eugene and the campaign manager for Jim Torrey is in my evening WR 121 class. I have enjoyed her enthusiasm for his candidacy. Among my friends and in my neighborhood, he's not a popular candidate at all. I'm undecided and find it refreshing to listen to my student. I'm not sure when I'll make my final decision.

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BBC said...

I worked in that zink plant just after I got out of the Navy. But not very long, it was a nasty place.

I spent a lot of my youth in the Pinehurst and Kellogg area, to damn much of it.

My 'dad' was the shop foreman at Seeber Motors for years through the 50's.