Sunday, October 12, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 10/12/08: Stalking Resources, Gilgamesh Joy, JBelle and the Mothers of My Lai

1. Why would I include studying at the Stalking Resource Center and watching an eighteen minute video about law enforcement and stalking as a beautiful thing? I'm trying to learn all I can in support of MB. When her stalker appears in court this week, I'm going to the hearing and I want to be prepared as best I can.

2. The ancient epic Gilgamesh is terrific story, but never easy for students studying Survey of World Literature. But, I spent this afternoon reading my students' first essays on Gilgamesh and they were, for the most part, engaged, insightful, curious, and probing essays. This class has thirty-four students and we've only met for two weeks. I don't have all the names and faces quite connected yet, but I'm looking forward to arriving in class tomorrow and learning better who's who in this class!

3. In email correspondence today, triggered by mention of her in yesterday's 3BT's, JBelle reminded me that she wrote a post at her blog, Notes from the 'Kan EWA, about what a spiritual experience she had bicycling through Vietnam. The mothers of My Lai moved JBelle profoundly and I'd like you to share in her experience, feelings, and reflections, here. In a time when some are crying out in fear of Obama and others of McCain, the mothers of My Lai remind us to turn away from fear and "walk toward a new future in forgiveness."

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