Saturday, December 20, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 12/20/08: The Friendly Snowy Skies, Dean Dean in Mexico, Sweet Treats

1. Deke and Patrick arrived safely in New York tonight after a day of delays, jet planes being de-iced, and last minute schedule changes. I'm sure they are really tired, but they have ten wonderful days ahead of them with Adrienne, Nathan, Molly, and Hiram.

2. Dean Dean Bennett tracked me down on Facebook today and we had a great instant message chat, he lounging with his wife over booze and cribbage and me here in desultory Eugene, wondering what new shade of gray the next turn of the clock would bring.

3. A Christmas package arrived today from Mom and another from InlandEmpireGirl. The gifts wrapped or dropped in gift bags are wonderful, but what I love is the nuts and bolts from Mom and the sweet breads and jams from InlandEmpireGirl. I'll have to see how some of that jam tastes with Marmite and chunky peanut butter on an English muffin with a stout cup of tea.

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