Monday, December 22, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 12/22/08: Scrooge, Eric, Randy

1. Finished A Christmas Carol this morning and enjoyed everything about it, but especially Dickens' style and craft. Scroll down to the previous post and you can read my reflections.

2. Thanks to Diane, Eric, KHS Class of '71, popped into my life today via Facebook. It was a lot of fun going back and forth, livin' in the past, and in the present, too.

3. Looks like Randy and I and some of his friends will be going to hear the Floydian Slips at the McDonald Theater New Year's Eve. I bought a ticket quite a while ago and had planned on going solo and this is a welcome turn in my plans.


Go Figure said... it safe to come back yet? HA! Have a Great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Now that is funny, like words being just words and books just books. When you think you know it all, you forget to say Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. There, I said it twice so you should get the point!:) Actually, I didn't say anything at all so no big deal. I just find it ironic that it was your first time. A Christmas Carol...I wonder what Dickens would think about The Christmas Carol. I had to read your other posts about 'transformation'. Change. It's coming or it came, but they can't keep pouring new wine into old wineskins. So if it came it wasn't for some future better past. If change came it was for the future. Like eternity, but we'll keep trying anyway. And we'll know we're drunk when we think we're sober. Although I seriously doubt we know each other at all. I seriously doubt we even know the harm we do to each other. Change is a lie for faith when you no longer despair in hope. But we'll keep trying anyway. Well, not me...ima takin a loooonnng vaykayshun. You taught me that. It's not just a book if it can save the world. So have a Merry, Merry Christmas and a happy New year.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't go with your present. The future will have to wait on the line just a little longer. Of course, I hope you like it.

'I don't want a lot for Christmas.'
('I want it all, and I want it now.')

'I took a walk around the world
To ease my troubled mind.
I left my body lying somewhere
In the sands of time.'
'I am a lineman for the county.
And I drive the main road.'
'His brain is squirmin like a toad.'
'Sat on the levee and moaned.'

'There must be some way out of here,
Said the joker to the thief.'
'Oh make my days a breeze
And take away my self destruction.
It's bitter baby,
and it's very sweet.
I'm on a rollercoaster
but I'm on my feet.'
'Backwater rising,
Come in my windows and door.
I leave with a prayer in my heart,
Backwater won't rise no more.'

'I know I need a small vacation.
But it don't look like rain.
'I'd listen to my bluebird sing
But I can't find my bluebird.'

Billy Pilgrim where did you go?
I turn on my radio.
No, I don't hear a sound.
The words are coming straight from my mouth.
And it was hard to walk with no feet
Burnt sand left scars chalked to the meek
Meters now yards so who'd ever care
That in the desert rain breves an answered prayer.

'I watched the world flip
To 'the dark side of the moon'.'
I watched the levees break.
'So I'm leaving on a jet plane.'
While the sergeants play a marching tune.

...'Swing low, Sweet Chariot. Coming for to carry me home.'...