Friday, December 19, 2008

Three Beautiful Things: 12/19/08: Merry Amaryllis, About Facebook, Keeping Snug's Mind Active

1. Kelly was pushing a broom pretty slowly at Trader Joe's and I was happy business was slow because she had time to talk with me and then she decided to make me a Trader Joe's happy customer and gave me an amaryllis as a gift. I hope I can keep it alive.

2. I joined Facebook and have a lot of friends and I find the whole enterprise pretty fun.

3. The written materials in support of our dog training session with Snug and Maggie arrived via email today and I'm getting a better idea of how to alleviate the stressfulness Snug must be feeling.


the wayward episcopalian said...

Facebook is too much fun, it makes procrastinating far too easy!!!

inlandempiregirl said...

trust me.... if you keep the soil moist and put the amaryllis in a window... it will grow and bloom !