Friday, April 2, 2021

Three Beautiful Things 04/01/2021: Starting Over, Walking West Kellogg, Curry and Noodles

1. Today was the opening day of the Major League Baseball season and that also means the opening day of fantasy baseball. 

It's weird.

When I was a young baseball fan, I knew all the players, their teams, how they were performing, everything. 

Now, the new season rolls around and I honestly have to start all over again familiarizing myself with the players on my teams and around the league. 

Once the 2020 season was over, the players, in large part, just went away. Out of my mind.

So, today, I started to familiarize myself with players again and, as it turned out, my teams did pretty well on Opening Day. I didn't draft my own players -- ESPN robots drafted more me -- and now I'll just have to learn more and see what happens.

2. My legs were a little rubbery today after I walked on Wednesday in CdA, but I want to keep moving and took about a fifteen minute shorter walk today. I walked over to the triangle park on Riverside and Mission, walked around its circumference and then went back to Cameron Ave and walked past the hospital, past McDonald's, past the title loan place, to the condos or whatever they are west of town.

I backtracked to the intersection of Cameron and Jacobs Gulch and headed to the stairway that leads from the hospital parking lot to The Trail and walked on The Trail back to Riverside and headed back home. 

So, I walked for about 35 minutes. I racked up about nearly 3700 steps. I just keep trying to get stronger.

3. Back home, I knew I had about a dinner's worth of chicken curry sauce left over from the other night. I didn't have any rice left over, though, and so I decided to sort of replicate one of those wide noodle Thai dishes I've enjoyed over the years in Thai restaurants by boiling a batch of Amish Wedding Food Wide Noodles. 

It was perfect. The yellow curry sauce tasted terrific in combination with the egg (not Thai rice) noodles and I let myself believe that I was back in Eugene, at 940 Madison, enjoying a container of take out Rad Na. 


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