Friday, April 23, 2021

Three Beautiful Things 04/22/2021: Back to The Goose and the Tree, Upgrade, Manga and Tomato Rolls

 1. Cas zoomed to the front of the house and I dashed to his rig, vaulted myself into the cab, and we roared off to Pinehurst for breakfast at The Goose and the Tree. I'd never tried The G & T's chicken fried steak before, so I ordered it. The order consisted of two medium sized steaks. They were perfectly breaded, golden brown, and a little crunchy. In other words, perfectly prepared. They were so tender that I barely touched them and I had a bite on my fork. The steaks were dressed with sausage gravy and sat atop an island of hash browns as golden brown as the steaks -- again, perfectly cooked. I also had two eggs over medium and two slices of The G &T's homemade white bread toast. I could only eat one of these tender steaks and boxed up number two to enjoy at home. 

The food was superb and yakkin' with Cas was even better as we talked about baseball, fantasy baseball, music, movies, and any number of other topics. I had an awesome time.

2. Upon arriving home, I discovered I'd missed a call while yakkin' at breakfast. Sean, a tech from Ziply, left me a message saying that he could come to the house early to install the upgraded fiber something or other internet service at the house. 

Great! Sean was at the house for a couple of hours. While he worked on the installation, I devoted my efforts to cleaning the kitchen more comprehensively than usual, spiffing up the outside of the lower cupboard, the outside of the refrigerator and dish washer, the stove, the oven racks, the sink, and the counter surfaces. I also swept the floor. It's a real boost to the spirits to have the kitchen looking a lot cleaner.

Sean wrapped up his work and I got the computer and phone and television all hooked up to the new network and enjoyed that the internet service has a more zip, more speed than it did this morning.

3. I thought I might watch two episodes of Midnight Diner tonight when I went to bed, but after watching one episode featuring the tribulations of a novice manga artist, I decided to let this episode rest inside me on its own and I'll return to more episodes later. 

Tonight's episode featured the tomato roll, a cherry tomato wrapped in bacon and grilled on what to my limited knowledge looked like a Hibachi, to use the North American term. Master served each customer three of these rolls on a skewer. 

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