Sunday, April 25, 2021

Three Beautiful Things 04/24/2021: Comedy Project Preparation, City Limits, Oh Yeah! I Remember!

1. A few months ago, my Sunday Zoom mates asked me to consider giving an informal course. I agreed I would and I decided I would blab for a while every other Sunday for no more than a half an hour on the literary genre of comedy. I taught a course at LCC several times on this subject and it centered on those plays, stories, poems, and movies that dealt with love, renewal, forgiveness, reconciliation, and other similar human experiences that are at the heart of comedy, when understood in as a literary concept. Oh! Literary comedy also often includes things that make us laugh.

So, today, I decided to create a google site I can also publish as a webpage devoted to this project with a casual list of works that I might refer to or that those interested might read. I'll also post a brief outline in advance of each presentation. 

2. I took off around 4 o'clock and drove to Wallace, thinking I would park the car and then walk around town and eventually make my way up to the City Limits. I arrived in Wallace and I wasn't prepared to walk in the rain. I drove straight to the pub.  I'd read that City Limits had aged some amount of their Pulaski Porter in bourbon barrels and I wanted to see if it was still available. 

It wasn't and won't be until the brewers can get a hold of bourbon barrels again. 

I had prepared myself for this possibility, so I ordered a Jackass Juicy IPA and a shrimp basket. I slowly and quietly enjoyed my beer and my meal and just I was finishing up, Chris Meyer and her husband, Dan, approached me and we chatted for a few minutes. I ended up being at the City Limits for a very enjoyable hour or so. 

3. Finished watching The Player brought back the thrill I felt in 1992, but nearly as intensely today as then. As the movie drew to its conclusion, I remembered all the ways this movie was satirizing itself as it developed and I remembered how the movie's final satirical pay off at the end of the movie had elated me in 1992 and I enjoyed it tonight as the movie's pieces and my previous experience with this movie all fell into place. 

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