Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 12/04/07: Hilarious, Handshake, Watch Instantly

1. During Finals Week we faculty meet our classes just once during the week. Meeting classes less often affords us more time to grade essays. It also affords us faculty members to talk with each other and late this morning Dan, Margaret, Eileen, and I had a great bullshit session, marked by stories about characters who have retired or been fired from our academic division. Our loud voices (well, my loud voice) and laughter echoed up and down the hall as we swapped tales of days gone by.

2. One of my reserved students who shows little affect and is a brilliant writer surprised me with an enthusiastic handshake when he handed in his final and with an email asking me to stay in touch, now that class is over.

3. I've just begun to tap into the "Watch Instantly" feature of my Netflix account. The "Watch Instantly" offerings are limited and uneven. Nonetheless I've watched two gems instantly , over the last week. I mentioned "Helvetica" earlier and tonight I watched "Tom Dowd and the Language of Music", an inspiring film about sound engineer and record producer, Tom Dowd. Parallel to the documentary "Cutting Edge" about film editing, this movie afforded me insight into the world of recording and producing record albums that was all pretty new to me. Dowd was widely regarded as a genius and an unflappable, positive creator of fine recordings made by artists as different as Ray Charles, Ornette Coleman, and Cream.

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