Saturday, May 24, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 05/24/08: Checker, "No!", KG

1. Great moment at the Albertson's check out stand. An eighty-four year old WWII vet with a long gray pony tail and the checker talked politics and when he left the checker continued the discussion, advocating for universal health care and more concern in the USA for the little person. I really enjoy this woman and could have listened to her perspective for a lot longer, but there were other customers behind me.

2. Snug and I took a cool and comfortable walk together and he was pretty loose on the leash much of the time and when he began to bark at a dog across the street, Snug obeyed me when I told him to sit and when I sharply rebuked him with a "No!", he shut up.

3. I'm starting to warm up to the Celtics. For starters, I'm sick and tired of listening to the way the yappers on ESPN radio bang on Kevin Garnett all the time. He can't score in the fourth quarter. He disappears. He's lousy in the clutch. He's not Kobe Bryant. Man. I listen to these games and look over his stats and all I see is that Garnett is the most consistent scorer, steady rebounder, most reliable assist man, and, from all I hear, is the vocal and physical leader of the Celtics' defense. He's one of the best players on the team with the best regular season record in the NBA and, here I am, regarding Garnett as an underdog.

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