Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Three Beautiful Things 12/02/19: Turkey Stock, *The Crown*, DI Jack Frost and Back to 56 Up

1. I've had two crock pots of turkey stock bubbling away since Friday morning and today I strained the stock and filled five one quart containers. By simmering the stock for so long, the meat that came off the bones was overcooked and useless for putting in a soup. This is a bonus for Charly. I now have a small supply of turkey meat I can give her as a treat from time to time.

2. I sometimes avoid getting started with multi-episode shows on Netflix or elsewhere because I am not what's known as a binge watcher. This evening, I decided I'd start watching The Crown and watch it one, maybe two, episodes at a time. This worked for me tonight. I watched the first episode. I'm into the series. I hadn't read about it over the last three years since its initial release and I am staggered by the number of highly talented actors in this series: John Lithgow, Jane Lapotaire, Harriet Walter, Eileen Atkins, to name a few. Jared Harris' portrayal of King George VI arrested me. It's a subtly drawn exploration of this powerful king faced with the diminishing of his inward physical strength, but experiencing the growth of his inward powers as he confronts his mortality.

3. Back in Greenbelt, if I remember correctly, I rented DVDs of A Touch of Frost from the library, but maybe back then episodes were available for streaming on Amazon Prime or somewhere else. Doesn't really matter -- but, what does matter is that I loved this show. Tonight I decided to subscribe to BritBox so that I would have access to all of the episodes of A Touch of Frost. I'm very happy I did. I randomly chose the first episode of season ten. Back in Greenbelt, I enjoyed watching this show while drinking a 16 oz hot water and brandy drink. I did the same tonight, but I snuck a wee bit of white creme de menthe in my cup and it worked beautifully. When it comes to hot brandy and water, a little white creme de menthe goes a long way and I managed not to overdo it.

So I sipped away and enjoyed DI Jack Frost and the rest of Denton's finest sort out a complicated and deadly case. I also got a good laugh out of DI Jack Frost's bumbling struggle with a lottery ticket.

The episode ended and I looked at other options available on BritBox. To my delight, the Up series, from 7 Up through 56 Up is available and before I went to bed I watched the last forty-five minutes or so of 56Up and returned to the stories of John, Andrew, Lynn (RIP), Tony, and Bruce -- they are among the men and women I first met in about 1984 when I was introduced to this series when I saw 28 Up at either the Bijou or at Cinema 7 in Eugene. I have followed the series every seven years since and discovered this evening that 63 Up has been filmed and released. I hope I can catch up to it soon.

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