Friday, December 6, 2019

Three Beautiful Things 12/05/19: Paying Bills, A Walk Uptown, Jumble Puzzles

1. I decided to pay my property tax bill and MasterCard in their entirety and I paid the other bills that have come in. I like getting this done.

2. Paying the property tax included going to the bank uptown. It was satisfying to walk up Hill Street, along McKinley, stop at the bank for a minute, and then head to Division Street, walk through the Dave Smith automobile-industrial complex, and then pretend I was in elementary school again and walk the route I used to take to go home from the old Sunnyside school. It felt good not to get winded walking up Hill Street and my recently inactive legs appreciated this walk and this bit of a workout.

3. Back home, I fixed myself a hamburger on a plain bagel and spent much of the evening relaxing with my new book of Jumble puzzles.

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