Sunday, December 8, 2019

Three Beautiful Things 12/07/19: Relaxing Morning in Spokane, Quiet Afternoon, Enjoying The Lounge

1. I have stayed at several Airbnb rentals over the past year or so. I've been fortunate. The units I've stayed in have been quiet and I have particularly enjoyed peaceful mornings in these places.  Today, around 8:00, I left the apartment long enough to have a chocolate croissant and most of a cup of coffee just a block or two away at Rocket Bakery (14th and Adams). The woman working at Rocket topped off my coffee when I got ready to leave and I returned to the Airbnb unit, made myself comfortable on the apartment's couch, and wrote in my blog and finished my coffee, and thought back over the previous afternoon and evening with Hugh, Stu, Lars, Kathy, and Mary. I relived how happy I'd been all day and relished the afterglow I felt this morning. I finished writing. I indulged in a long, hot shower. I packed up my suitcase. I leapt in the Sube and headed back to Kellogg. It was a peaceful and restful morning.

2. I stopped briefly in Coeur d'Alene and filled up the Sube at Costco and purchased a 12 oz half Americano/half steamed milk at a coffee stand. I picked up Charly from Carol, happy and relieved that her stay with Carol and Paul had been easy. Back home, I worked Jumble puzzles, napped some, ate some warmed up mashed potatoes with bacon, and continued to feel grateful for the awesome trip I'd had the day before in Spokane.

3. Ed called. We decided to meet uptown at the Lounge. I hadn't been to the Lounge since the night of the Elks Spaghetti feed. I enjoyed seeing Cas -- I really enjoyed it when he handed me my fantasy baseball winnings of fifty dollars! -- and had a good session yakking with Ron DelCamp. After a while, Ed arrived and so did several people who'd been at the City of Kellogg Christmas Party across the street at the Elks. I yakked a bit with Cas and mostly sat quietly, sipping on a gin and tonic, while people all around me were telling stories and laughing about stuff. When I decided to leave, I stopped by where Harley and Candy were seated down the bar a ways and we talked about the Crab Feed coming up in February and I learned a bunch about all that lies behind buying the crab and putting on this feed. I will eat my crab this year with a deeper appreciation for all the work that goes into making this annual -- and very popular event -- happen.

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