Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 05/12/09: Cross-Cultural Lunch Bowl, Billboard Hot Tracks, Croce on YouTube

1. I fired up a packet of Trader Joe's fully cooked Thai-style lime pilaf with coconut milk and lemongrass in the microwave and poured it in a bowl, sprinkled some unsalted peanuts over it and sat down with a jar of apple-cranberry chutney, put a few dollops on the pilaf, and brought Thailand and India together in tasty truce for lunch this afternoon.

2. Napster has Billboard hot 100 tracks for each of the four seasons for every year since 1955 and so I listened to song after song from the summer of 1972 as a way of taking myself back to that uncertain summer following high school graduation and before I started college and enjoyed some songs I hadn't heard in quite a while: "Alone Again (Naturally)", "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)", "(If Loving You is Wrong) I Don't Want to be Right", and I'm sure other titles featuring parentheses. The one song I replayed three times was Harry Nilsson's "Coconut". It swings.

3. Playing these 1972 songs took me back to Jim Croce and I took time away from Napster and went to YouTube and watched several of his videos. I enjoyed this one, featuring "Bad Bad LeRoy Brown". I liked listening to how Croce introduced his song:

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