Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 11-03-20: Brief Everett Update, More Poetry, Tree House Concert BONUS A Limerick by Stu

1. I guess the way I look at it is no bad news is good news. 

Christy talked with a couple of people from the hospital today and talked with Everett a bit on the phone. It sounds like Everett had a day of rest and, so far, he is not experiencing Covid symptoms. 

So, for today's Everett update, that's all I have to report. 

2. Today three books arrived from Better World Books: a poetry anthology compiled by Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes, The Rattle Bag; an early volume of Sharon Olds' poems, The Dead and the Living; and Nine Horses, a 2003 book of poems by Billy Collins. 

I also watched the 11-02 and 11-03 Billy Collins Poetry Broadcasts today.  During the 11-02 reading, Billy Collins brought out the 2020 Fish Anthology. Fish Publishing of Cork, Ireland holds an annual writing contest and publishes the winners in its yearly Fish Anthology. Billy Collins served as the poetry judge for the 2020 contest and in these two broadcasts he read, first, the contest winner and, on the next broadcast, the second place finisher. The winning poem is titled, "Father", by Peggy McCarthy, and is a lovely meditation upon two pictures featuring the poem's speaker's father. The second place poem is by Vanessa Lampert, "Some Pleasures".  It's a list poem, with some focus on the metal platinum, and, as Billy Collins said, it's kind of like a poem version of the song, "My Favorite Things" -- until the poem's last line comes and jolts the reader with a shock that I can't believe any one would have seen coming and transports the poem in a region of experience not portrayed in The Sound of Music!

3. I'm not one to follow election results as they roll out -- I guess you'd call me a "tell me when it's over" sort of guy. So, even though it wasn't a distraction for me, I welcomed Bill Davie giving his next Tree House Concert tonight. I wasn't alone, for sure. Tonight's comments during the concert were full of gratitude that we could have an hour or so of great songs and poetry, immerse ourselves in the positive atmosphere of the Tree House and enjoy Bill's buoyant hosting and performing and the random appearances of "The Hand" (Diane, from just off stage, handing Bill updates of who is in the virtual house and some of our comments). 

I enhanced the pleasure of the concert with a couple mugs of hot Ghirardelli chocolate spiked with rum and brandy and seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, a most warming and relaxing drink. 

Bill played some beloved songs tonight. I don't have the playlist in front of me, but I especially enjoyed hearing "Comfort", "The Years", one of my very favorite of Bill's songs, "Ravine", and Bill's vibrant cover of Jim Page's masterpiece, "A Sign of the the Times". 

I made a motion in the comments that Bill play until the election results were known, but I guess he decided he couldn't really extend this concert into Thursday! 

Hey! Stu is back for at least a day! 

Here's a limerick by Stu:

Time’s over for picking a side. 
There’s a winner and one who has tried. 
But, we’re on the same team, 
Let’s move on with the Dream! 
That AMERICA, is the source of great pride!

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