Friday, November 13, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 11-12-20: Brief Update on Everett, November at the Masters, Leta Powell Drake and Jiminy Glick

 1.  Christy spent the whole day with Everett. We don't know when he'll be released, but, when he is, he'll be admitted to the Cascadia facility across the street. With the drainage tube put back in today, the fluid is going down in his body. His appetite is all right -- and he keeps wanting to share his food with Christy! Christy spent Thursday night in Coeur d'Alene and will be back with Everett in the morning.

2. The Masters golf tournament started today and I camped out in the Vizio room at 10:00 and watched ESPN's coverage. Normally, this tournament takes place in April, but, this year it was postponed until November. No spectators line the fairways or encircle the greens. A rain storm delayed play in the morning. The rain significantly softened the course, Augusta National, and the players took full advantage. Players shot historically low scores. 

If you follow golf at all, you know that the Masters tournament is the epitome of a springtime event, with the magnolias, azaleas, and other spring blossoms exploding in white and pink and purples and reds, creating one of golf's most charming and enchanting visual scenes.  Yes, I missed those spring blossoms today, but autumn at Augusta National offers other splendor: softer light, long shadows, fall colors, and darker reflections in the ponds, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

3. While scrolling through Twitter this evening, I discovered someone had posted a string of video clips from the career of Lincoln, Nebraska interviewer Leta Powell Drake. I have since learned that videos of Leta Powell Drake have become popular on line. I had no idea. My discovery of her was an entertaining accident. Leta Powell Drake interviews celebrities with no filters, asking embarrassing questions, making off the wall comments, flirting a bit, and either charming or frustrating her subjects with her disarming questions and eccentric style. 

Well, this led to another discovery. It's obvious that I don't watch much television. I didn't know until tonight that Martin Short created a bloated, ridiculous, and hilarious exaggeration of a celebrity interviewer, a character named Jiminy Glick. I found him because someone on Twitter wrote that he thought Martin Short had borrowed mannerisms and interviewing techniques from Leta Powell Drake in creating Jiminy Glick. I don't know if that's true, but watching clips of Jiminy Glick had me in stitches. No surprise. For me, all Martin Short has to do is appear, and, before he utters a word, I'm already laughing. 

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