Saturday, November 7, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 11-06-20: Everett Update, Reading Day, Quick Trip BONUS A Photo and Limerick by Stu

1. On a day to day basis, Everett continues to make incremental progress. He ate tomato soup today. He is doing physical therapy. He is not showing symptoms of Covid. His doctor thinks that if Everett doesn't show symptoms by Tuesday, he probably won't suffer them. One of the abscesses is gone and his team moved the date for the CAT scan to check on the other one to Saturday, Nov. 7. Christy had a good conversation with Everett. She will go to Kootenai Health on Saturday (Nov. 7) to deliver a card and letter to the front desk to be delivered to Everett. It's not clear when Everett will come home. 

You might have read or seen on the news that Covid cases are increasing in North Idaho.

One result of this increase is that it's slowing down the return of test results. Christy was tested on Wednesday, had hoped to have her results back in no more than 48 hours, but the backlog is slowing things down and she continues to wait to find out her results.

2.  I spent much of the day reading The Pillars of the Earth. Much of the time I also listened to my audible audio edition, read by John Lee. It's an absorbing way to enjoy the time I'm spending indoors and while outdoors it's rainy and chilly.

3. Until Christy finds out her Covid test results, she's staying indoors even more strictly than I am. She texted me with a request that I bop down to the liquor store and pick her up a bottle of Brown Sugar Bourbon. I was happy to do so, and, as it turned out, I am running low on Meyer's Dark Rum.  I didn't drink any rum or anything else again today or this evening -- I don't like to drink and read!

Here's a limerick by Stu to illustrate this picture he snapped Friday.

This guy doesn't care 'bout your day.
What is happening or what people say.
Ambles around without care,
Enjoys life here and there.
Feels peaceful if looked at that way. 

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