Sunday, November 22, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 11-21-20: Short Update on Everett, Cotton Economy, Puzzle Time

1. I don't have anything significantly new to report about Everett. Overall, he was pretty stable today. Christy reported that the weekend physical therapist was great to work with. Everett was out of bed in a wheelchair for the early part of the afternoon until he wanted to get some shut eye around three o'clock. Christy returned home shortly after Everett fell asleep. 

2. I extended my walk a bit today. I walked up Jacobs Gulch to the high school and then came back home via the trail that connects the high school to Riverside Ave. and on to Cameron. I listened to the second episode of the podcast 1619, a conversation about the cotton economy after the invention of the cotton gin, and all that enslaved people contributed to that economy and what they suffered during times of peak production and during times of recession. It's a brutal story. 

3. I thought about returning to the documentary series, Reconstruction, this evening, but decided to let 1619 settle into my mind, not add more history to it, and so I went to bed really early and worked an acrostic puzzle, a great way to challenge and relax my mind at the same time before going to sleep. 

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