Monday, November 16, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 11-15-20: Everett Update, Power and Discipline, American History BONUS A Limerick by Stu

 1. Christy spent much of the day in Cd'A with Everett and returned to Kellogg in the afternoon. She was worn out. I write updates on this blog based on Christy's updates and she'll write her next one on Monday some time. I know a little bit. Everett was more alert this morning. He had better color, ate better, drank some of Christy's latte, joked around with nurses, and replaced his own hearing aid battery. Christy will head back to the hospital on Monday morning.

2. I watched Dustin Johnson, with his easy gait, unflappable temperament, and powerful golf game win this year's Masters. He wobbled a bit early in the day. He bogeyed the fourth and fifth holes, his four stroke lead was down to a single stroke, but he calmed down, birdied the sixth and eighth holes, didn't bogey another hole all day, played the back nine three strokes under par, and set a Masters scoring record by finishing the tournament twenty strokes under par. Not only that, he's the first player to ever play 72 holes at the Masters and only register four bogeys over the four days. Dustin Johnson has developed into a remarkably powerful, consistent, and disciplined player and all of those qualities contributed mightily to his success this weekend. 

3. I came away from my further reading of Heather Cox Richardson's How the South Won the Civil War today with a much deeper sense of the importance of the 1850s and the 1860s in our country's history. While reading this book, I suddenly remembered that back in 2016 The Washington Post took on an ambitious podcast series called Presidential. The series moved, episode by episode, chronologically, through the stories and legacy of each president, featuring interviews with historians and other presidential experts.

I listened to some of these episodes in 2016 and I'm glad that this podcast popped back in my mind. As I went to sleep tonight, I listened to the Franklin Pierce episode -- well, not all of it -- I fell asleep before it ended. I'll go back and listen again today. I'm really happy to have Presidential back on my radar again. 

If you'd like to check out this podcast, just click here.

A limerick by Stu: 

It's not that you need this each day.
But on occasion to get it's okay.
Drive right up to the speaker,
Hope your cup ain't a leaker.
And the grub in your bag's worth the pay.

National Fast Food Day

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