Friday, May 18, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 05/18/07: Tardy, Brit Lit, Laptop

1. I lay back down this morning after being up and around and fell asleep and was late for my office hour at school. Nan came to my office hour on time. She returned and found me there and she was most gracious in forgiving my tardiness.

2. After a department meeting, Anne, Jeff, Pam, and I talked for a while about restructuring the British Lit Survey, which I haven't taught for ten years, and our discussion too me back to some really wonderful times in the classroom and some of my favorite students. Now that I think about it, the classroom I taught that classroom was among the finest facilities ever, and it's gone now, destroyed in a remodel. I loved remembering that whole scene, though.

3. K-doe came by the house on her way to the Oregon coast to pick up my old laptop to see if she can make it work well enough to work on a paper while she's there. It felt good to have a machine to let her use and I enjoyed her meeting The Deke. She looked very happy to be getting away for a weekend.

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