Saturday, November 8, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 11/07/08: Gilmour Tears, Ramayana and Crayola, Snug Walk

1. I sat in my office this morning and listened to David Gilmour's "Live in Gdansk" album. I don't often have tears running down my face for any reason, but as "High Hopes" progressed and as I listened to David Gilmour's lyrics and listened to him play his lap steel guitar solo, I wept, silently, hoping no one would visit my office. Beauty moved me. (Click on the green eighth notes icon if you'd like to hear the song. You can view David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Richard Wright and the rest of the band, accompanied by the Baltic Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, playing "High Hopes" Live in Gdansk, here.)

2. I loved watching and listening to my World Literature students talk and laugh and work with crayons, color pencils, charcoal sticks and other media as they drew, colored, and pasted pictures on large pieces of sketch pad paper. Their assignment was to work out their insights into The Ramayana and its treatment of dharma and make it visual.

3. Snug and I went for an autumn afternoon stroll. It's difficult taking pictures with Snug on the leash, but I did manage to capture leaves on the sidewalk and a shot pointed at our neighborhood's Baptist Church.

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myrtle beached whale said...

I have included my favorite Pink Floyd cut, Wish You Were Here, in my very eclectic blog music selections. I have gotten a lot of good feedback and some office workers use it as a jukebox while they are working. I am probably the only person who has both Pavarotti and 2PAC listed. I have found some music that is not mainstream that is brilliant.