Friday, November 14, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 11/14/08: Thanks, Tony; Good Luck, Kanette; A Masterpiece, Rick

1. Tony reads my blog sometimes! Before class got rolling this morning, he asked me to clarify the sibling assignment concept. He seemed to chuckle at the thought of me screaming down Chestnut Hill on that unknown item Silver Valley Girl photographed, sent to me, and assigned me to write about.

2. I met with Kanette today at the Daily Grind. She's taking a careers course at the Univ. of Oregon and, as a course requirement, interviewed me as someone who works in a field she might be interested in. I've been available to be interviewed by students in this program for several years and it's a lot of fun to yammer about my work and give my couple of cents of advice.

3. Rick Wainright's Friday 55 poem "Lost Time" is a masterpiece, as is his thirty second slideshow, accompanied by the poet himself reading the poem. Click here, watch, listen, weep.

(Some of you might know Rick as Myrtle Beached Whale, who writes with a smirk. For this piece, Whale dropped the smirk, wrote as Rick, and. . . well, check it out.)

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myrtle beached whale said...

wow, thanks for the nice words. sometimes the simplest things have the most impact. 55 words is a great challenge. this was one I actually liked myself.