Thursday, November 6, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 11/4-5/08: Obama Somberness, Sopa de Pollo, New Sheriff of Bunn, Burke, Eagle, Clarkia, Delta, Avery, Gem, and Murray, Idaho

1. Barack Obama is our 44th POTUS. His win triggered deep somberness in me.

2. I bought this spicy Mexicany chicken from Trader Joe's and used it as the basis for a soup with chicken broth, string beans, spinach, onion, and egg noodle. It's spicy, bone warming soup.

3. The country's election I cared the most about was finally resolved: write-in candidate Mitch Alexander defeated primary winner Gary Yergler for the Office of Sheriff of Shoshone County, Idaho.


myrtle beached whale said...

So does a new Sheriff in town mean they will reinstate back room gambling, poker machines, and prostitution?

Go Figure said...

One can only hope, Whale. Never under estimate the power of a write in vote.

raymond pert said...

It's great having you guys over today. If Bobby Blum would visit we could have our entire outfield while Wucky/Whaleman spins a no-hitter.