Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 11/18/08: Noble Life, Zero Tribute, Bootleg Dylan

1. I deeply enjoyed my evening WR 121 class's discussion of what it means to live a noble life in response to Dan O'Brien's exploration of the same in Buffalo for the Broken Heart.

2. I purchased and downloaded the 08/08/08 Zero tribute concert to Martin Fierro, their lyrical and mirthful saxophone player who died March 13. Listening to "Gregg's Eggs" and "Catalina" and "Horses" and other tunes took me back thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen years ago to WOW Hall or to the Hilton Ballroom and night after night of improvisational jam jazz rock blues with Zero and the long, often dreamy meditations of Martin Fierro, as well as his playful antics with windup toys and verbal nonsense. If I could go back in time and relive any concerts from my past life, I'd go back to those great nights on the floor of the packed WOW Hall with Zero.

3. I fired up my pathetically tiny MP3 player with thirty-nine tracks from Bob Dylan's "Tell Tale Signs, the eighth volume of his bootleg releases. Dylan is old. I've never enjoyed him more. The gravity and weariness and depth of his aging voice makes his singing more accessible to me. He genuinely sounds at time deeply vulnerable and at other times he sounds like a wizened sage.


myrtle beached whale said...

Thanks for posting the picture of the YMCA on your header. I spent a lot of my youth in that building. Shooting hoops in a shoebox gym and swimming in a pool that I am sure contained equal parts of urine and water. Good times.

Go Figure said...

Good point on the pool, Whale. HA!Wizened sage...yep. I recall the sauna at the 'Y' where KHS wrestlers went to work out in plastic rain gear and sweats so that they 'could make weight'. Luckily none of them died. No Ha! on that one.

myrtle beached whale said...

In the basketball court, when you went in for a layup, you always slammed into the wall, since it was right under the basket. There was always a layer of mung on that wall. That is why I developed a decent outside shot.