Sunday, November 23, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 11/22/08: Martin and Jerry, West Bank, Blog-day

1. I found a copy of "Legion of Mary" at House of Records and purchased it. I've been wanting to hear Jerry Garcia play in this band with Martin Fierro and listen to Martin's pre-Zero stuff. It's been a relaxing pleasure. I look forward to taking in more of this fine disc.

2. Snug and I took a walk along the Willamette River in the River Road area today. We'll have to go there a lot more often. Duck pond. Tree-lined. Quiet. Perfect. I had to kick myself for forgetting my camera.

3. I got caught up in my reading of student essays yesterday and it's been fulfilling to have the time to knock out a couple of sibling assignments and get caught up on some blog reading. Oh! I changed my header, too. It's a 1962 picture of Fire Chief Bill Lenhart and others telling communists, i.e. certain union organizers (I'm sure), to stay out of Kellogg. There's is a ton of history of labor conflict in that picture. Interesting that none of those pictured are metal workers.


JBelle said...

absolutely super header picture. yuuum.

Jenny Johnson said...

Just found your blog through your i have two more to add to my reading list...I am just in spokane but lived in cda area since 1965 --know lots of people in kellogg and surrounding area--maybe even you??

Jenny J
Spokane WA

raymond pert said...

Welcome Jenny! I sure hope you'll come by and read often and leave some comments. If you knew any Woolums in Kellogg, that's my family. We were the only Woolums in town by the time I was born, in 1953.

Have a great Thanksgiving Day!