Sunday, January 10, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 01/10/10: Sharon's a Genius, Poetry Links and Memories, Happy Belated Birthday Sissy!

1. Sharon Rodgers' sermon today delighted and instructed me with its wit, intelligence, insight, candor, and vitality.

2. I spent a few hours listening to different poets read on, making links of poetry websites available to my students, and renewing my love for some poems I hadn't heard or read for a while. Some really wonderful memories associated with Galway Kinnell and Li-Young Lee came back to me today. Poetry triggers my memories every bit as strongly as music or smells do.

3. I called InlandEmpireGirl for her birthday, a day late. Her birthday was full and overflowing. Read about it here. Her accounts of disasters (off stage) and triumphs (on stage) when she went to "I Do! I Do!" and of little absurdities in our family's life were really fun to listen to.

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