Friday, January 22, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 01/20-21/10: 17th Century Sex Poems, The Depth of Ai, Lunch with Jonathan

1. Those sex poems by Marvell and Herrick are kind of immature, but very clever and witty--and a lot of fun to read aloud and melodramatize. My favorite line of Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress": "The grave's a fine and private place, / But none I think do there embrace."

2. After the sort of fantasizing featured in Marvell and Herrick, it was more satisfying, to me, when we got down to more complicated business in the push and pull of Ai's "Why Can't I Leave You?" : a packed suitcase, scripted sex, and safety.

3. Jonathan and I sat down over some teriyaki chicken and rice and pretty much got everything figured out concerning LCC, the U of O, the athletic department, free speech, and the electorate of the state of Oregon. Not bad for an hour's lunch! I look forward to our next lunch. Maybe we can get the U of O men's basketball team figured out....well, on second thought...there are limits even to the genius of Jonathan and me!

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