Friday, January 22, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 01/22/10: Poetry with Kate, Alex's Frustrations, Chatting with Jane

1. It's not Tuesdays with Maurie, exactly, but one of my poetry students, Kate, comes each Friday to my office to talk about poetry and so we did. We looked at T.S. Eliot's "Preludes", a set of impressionistic and dreary poems I hadn't looked at in many many years. We found Auden's "Song of the Devil" online, and Kate introduced it to me, to my delight. We talked about Dorianne Laux and Sharon Olds and Ai and poetic lines and how challenging it is to write about poetry. It was a lot of fun.

2. Alex is back to LCC after being away for a couple of years and she is finding re-entry difficult. She's taking too many courses. I think she'll drop one. She and I talked about her frustrations for over an hour today and I thought, yet again, about how school is set up for the healthy and the ambulatory. Alex gets around in a wheelchair. Her motorized chair is busted right now. She has to expend a great deal of energy getting to school, making her way around campus...especially with the inferior chair she uses now...and so her studies, of course, slip. She's tired. Her days are chewed up by transportation difficulties. I'm glad we got to talk. I hope her lighter schedule will give her more time to enjoy her studies and not be so weighed down by them.

3. I had a great Facebook chat with my North Idaho College friend, Jane. She is the fourth person outside my poetry class this week who read, "Why Can't I Leave You?" and had a strong response, a response which led us to a compelling talk about life and love and the leavings we've known.

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