Monday, January 25, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 01/24/10: Photos, Kellogg Contact, Online Poker

I've been thinking about my struggles with depression today. I haven't had an episode for about a year. In fact, I can't pinpoint the last time I fell into the black hole, but I know it was early 2009. I'm going to pretend I know why and list three reasons for today's 3BT's:

1. Going out with Russell almost every Saturday and snapping pictures.
2. Constant contact with my friends from Kellogg and seeing them in person with increasing regularity.
3. Relaxing and learning playing online poker, playing for play money.

I would also add that I've been very good about taking my medicine and supplements and vitamins. I'm also doing all I can not to do much of anything if I'm fatigued: I'm no longer pushing myself very often. The idea of pushing my limits is dead. I need to live within my limits. I'll let the athletes and super scholars push their limits. I'm not super. I've accepted limits in my work life and home life and surrendering to things I cannot change has helped my mental health a lot.


inlandempiregirl said...

Maybe somewhere down the list would be a family that supports and loves you unconditionally.

raymond pert said...

You know, I've pretty much always felt that....but, it's like the friends from Kellogg point: you and Mom and Carol are more a part of my life (and I of yours) than since we lived under the same roof and so, yes, you are right...maybe I should devote an entire blog post to this fact and how, well, wouldn't you know it, blogging and Facebook has kept us all so much closer in contact...(thanks for not making this point in all caps)... :)

Word Tosser said...

Also I think the fact you lead off your blog with 3 beautiful things, which means you can stop and smell the roses and find those 3 things for the day.

I have found the wonderful thing about being over 60 (almost 70) that I don't HAVE to impress anyone anymore, so that lift a huge weight off, be it one that I suppose to be there or was actually there.

And thank you for being you, from all of us readers..