Sunday, January 17, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 01/16/10: Coyote Alarm, Thai Trout, 7-11 Coffee

1. Russell and I went out to Lane Community College to take photographs and we were down by the track. Inside the oval it's all grass and geese. Suddenly Russell said, "Look someone wants a goose" and we observed a coyote. The coyote was very still. Russell put a lens on his camera and looked more closely at it. The coyote's stillness and patience impressed me. After about five minutes or so, Russell said, "Was that coyote there when you were walking around the track?"
--"I don't thinks so."
--"You sure?"
--"I didn't notice it."
The coyote remained still, ready to prey.
--"Bill, that's not a real coyote."
--"Naw, I'll bet it's there to scare the geese away."
--"It's sure doing a lousy job."

Where's Security? There's a coyote on the Lane Community College campus!

Oops. No need for alarm

2. Russell and I sufficiently recovered from our coyote scare, and went to Ta Ra Rin for lunch. Some know it as ThaiHop since the restaurant there was I-Hop. I went off my usual pad or curry grid and, at Russell's suggestion, ordered Pla Jian, a de-boned trout fried crispy, covered with ginger infused sauce, sautéed with finely sliced ginger, celery, onions, mushrooms, and ground chicken. It was complex, a bit overwhelming, and superb. A genuine Saturday afternoon delight.

3. Often what I need to lift my spirits, satisfy my palate, and to just feel good, if only temporarily, is a cup of coffee from 7-11 supplemented with a generous pouring of non-dairy powder creamer. I was drinking one of these uplifters when I arrived at Russell's and that cup of coffee inspired a lively conversation with Anne about coffee, what we grew up on, what we'll drink, Eugene as a premium coffee town, why I make it a point to drink (and enjoy) non-premium coffee from time to time, and it led to our talking about bread. I'm not picky about coffee. I've become picky about bread. I'm a little disappointed in myself. Not being picky sure makes life easier.

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