Monday, June 20, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/18/11: St. Johns Photo Shoot, St. Johns Bridge, Eric and Diane's Wedding Reception

1.  I took my new camera lens to St. Johns in Portland and sat in front of the James John Cafe and took street photos with mixed success.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I think I'm starting to learn more about this lens and what I can expect from it and how to work with it.  I got a few good dog shots, including one of this poodle service dog:

Here's the poodle's man:

2.  I had a great time shooting tons of pictures of the St. Johns Bridge.  Here's one I like:

 3.  After a morning and afternoon shooting pictures in St. Johns, I took a taxi to Diane and Eric's wedding reception, saw some of my very best friends, celebrated Diane and Eric's marriage, enjoyed superb food, and
went back to the Day's Inn, eager for the next time I see my friends again, eager for making a plan this summer to visit Diane and Eric so we can have another one of our awesome times together.

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inlandempiregirl said...

I like the way your caught the bridge with the evergreen branch as a border. All you blog posts and pictures online have been a joy. I just haven't had time to really take them all in and comment.